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A Plan

I was careful to title this post, “A Plan”, not “The Plan”.   Planning is critical, particularly with big projects. I believe this intellectually, but I do not always follow my own advice.  Even people who do not appear to plan, actually do so in a different way, prioritizing and executing on the fly.

I am finding the process a bit overwhelming and can probably come up with a huge list of things to do.  Beth Leonard’s Voyager’s Handbook might be a good place to start.  We are taking John and Amanda Neal’s cruising seminar in January, and I am sure a plan will present itself before the day is finished.

For us I think there is one primary item that needs to be addressed first. How do I know if sailing and traveling for several years, is actually something I enjoy doing?

My experience is limited to some weekend cruising on Lake Ontario.  I really enjoy that, but there is a big difference between taking a break for few days and actually living aboard for an extended period of time.

What about those multi-week offshore passages where there is no land in sight?  Throw in some adverse weather and is that something that would cause so much anxiety that I would not even be able to think straight.

So for this initial plan, I think a first step is a charter for at least a week in the Caribbean and some extended cruising on the Great Lakes.

One step at a time.


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