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Books and Ends

My book purchases arrived.  The encyclopedia has some chapters on design and a breakdown of a few different models for comparison.  I am hoping to pickup some details to help understand what makes an offshore boat. Kretschmer’s list of sailboats for a serious ocean has 26 entries. If you focus on […]

Dashew Book Deal

Steve and Linda Dashew have been cruising for decades.  Originally on sailboats, many of their own design, and lately on their unique FPB series power boats. They also wrote the book on cruising and heavy weather.  I have two of their books in digital format, but when I saw this […]

Working the problem

I set a goal to write everyday.  Yesterday I didn’t have a blog idea, so no writing.  Appropriate perhaps, nothing to say, don’t write.  But that wasn’t really the objective.  I wanted to force myself to write, move the project along, and keep the dream alive. We can’t rely on […]

Spirit of Adventure

I attended a talk last evening by a sailor (in his 70s) who sailed with Derek Hatfield and his partner and 5 other paying guests on the Volvo Ocean 60, Spirit of Adventure.  The talk was given at the Oakville Yacht Squadron. Thanks Bill for inviting us! They sailed for 9 days […]

A Plan

I was careful to title this post, “A Plan”, not “The Plan”.   Planning is critical, particularly with big projects. I believe this intellectually, but I do not always follow my own advice.  Even people who do not appear to plan, actually do so in a different way, prioritizing and executing […]

Attack Vector

Usually with any project I need some way of approaching the problem before I can get started. If the approach isn’t clear from the beginning, I tend to avoid working on the project. Even if the first hurdle is vauge or I am unsure of something, I end up delaying. Once I find a […]

What’s in a Name?

Trying to come up with a name for a boat can take a while.  Sometimes we just stick with the name that came with the boat.  That is what happened with our current sailboat, Baffin.  I asked the previous owners what it meant and they didn’t know.  The boat was […]