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Tick. Tick. Tick.

Seconds, minutes, hours. Daily we can see blogs updated, podcast episodes released, YouTube and Vimeo videos posted. What did you or I do today? How does this happen? To be fair, focusing on content creation like this is prone to survisor bias and comfirmation bias. The behind the scenes non-activity […]

Defining the Goal

Setting a meaningful goal that will challenge me, sticking to it and achieving it. This is what is lacking in my life and ultimately what this project is about. I am no authority on goals, because I don’t have enough experience with success. Definitely a post for another day when […]

Reality Check

I have been talking about this trip for several years. Yet other than fantasizing about it and telling other people, I am not much further ahead than I was in December 2015 when I started this blog! This winter I decided to get serious and signed up for the Sail […]

Gradually, then suddenly

“How did you go bankrupt?” “Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.” ― Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises A new look for the blog, development of some new habits and most importantly new observations. I was thinking about the Hemingway quote above and how it relates to areas unrelated to bankruptcy. In a […]


Quick trip out yesterday afternoon.  The UV cover on Baffin’s head sail needs some work, so I wanted to take it off and put on the spare genoa.  Rather than do it in the slip, I went out, mild winds, changed the sail on the water and tested it out. […]

Gaining Experience

I am keen to gain more experience.  These little outings each night are not far, but each trip is more experience in and out of the slip, up and down with the halyard and lazy jacks.  Rolling up the genoa etc. Last night the weather wasn’t looking good, quite gloomy, […]

Number 10 Down Wind Streak

Tenth sail of the season today.  I am not including sailing on other boats.  So the Cleveland trip isn’t counted. Decent wind, 10-15 knots from the west southwest and my route was right into it. Only goal was to head upwind and practice tacking and pointing.  Learned a few lessons: […]

Slides and stitches

When I returned from my round the island sail two weeks ago, I noticed I had broken the top sail slide.  Not a big deal, but the head of the sail has a metal plate and the slide doesnt attach the same way as the other slides. I was puzzled […]

Cleveland Shakedown Cruise

For the last 5 years I have been doing an annual sailing weekend with the same group of friends.  This year our plan was a shakedown cruise for the recently purchased boat of a member of the group.  I was sending regular updates to the shore crew (spouses).  The collected reports and a […]

Around Toronto Island

The sailing season started 2016-05-03 when Baffin was launched.   The first sail though didn’t happen until 2016-05-22.  I set myself a goal of going out 35 times this season.  There were only 23 weeks left, so that worked out to three times every two weeks.  Manageable.  As of today, […]