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Working the problem

I set a goal to write everyday.  Yesterday I didn’t have a blog idea, so no writing.  Appropriate perhaps, nothing to say, don’t write.  But that wasn’t really the objective.  I wanted to force myself to write, move the project along, and keep the dream alive.

We can’t rely on inspiration, we have to do the work.  Thanks Steven Pressfield. 

Ergo, work the problem!

This morning I was taking the time to look at the Venn diagram of boats that John Kretschmer likes versus those of John Neal.  Neal’s list is more comprehensive but less passionate than Kretschmer’s.

I realized one thing; I don’t know exactly what makes a good bluewater boat, or more specifically what disqualifies Baffin from going offshore.

More reading about characteristics and less about specific boats, is definitely in order.

Work the problem.

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