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Defining the Goal

Setting a meaningful goal that will challenge me, sticking to it and achieving it. This is what is lacking in my life and ultimately what this project is about.

I am no authority on goals, because I don’t have enough experience with success. Definitely a post for another day when I think about roadblocks and anticipating challenges. Why haven’t I achieved past goals?

S.M.A.R.T. Goals.  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound. The keys to, achievable goals.

Sail to Japan and attend the opening ceremonies of the 2020 Olympics. Is that specific enough?

If I bought a boat in Hokkaido and sailed south to Tokyo would the goal be accomplished? What if I sailed from North America to Japan and missed the Olympics? If I sailed to Japan, in time for the Olympics, but couldn’t buy tickets for the opening ceremonies, would that qualify? Does sailing on someone else’s boat qualify?

The delicate balance of having a specific measurable goal, yet have enough flexibility so that failure is not almost guaranteed.

What about singlehanded vs. having crew? This is a difficult one, I like the idea of singlehanding, I enjoy it, it seems consistent with who I am. It becomes clear that “I did it”.

Is sailing with others stretching me, pushing me to be a better person. Am I resisting it because I am not confident in being the captain, telling others what to do? Taking charge? As long as I am the captain, either alone or with crew, that qualifies for success.

Being able to state the goal is starting to become clear.

Sail to Japan, as captain of my own boat, and attend the opening ceremonies of the 2020 Olympics.

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